Another lovely session making peace doves for International Peace Day, an air of calm and peace prevailed (possibly due to the increased number of girls!). After a very calm and orderly circle time, we played a great game called Giants – Elves – Wizards which was learnt really quickly given that it took Alex and I a fair while to work out who beat who:

Giants growl/roar beat their chest and take huge steps…. if faced with Elves they squish them (Giants win)
Wizards point and cast spells “k-pow” “zing” and jump…. if faced with Giants they cast spells on them and the Giants shrink (Wizards win)
Elves use hands to make pointy ears, go “eek” a lot and walk squat fashion to make themselves little…. if faced with Wizards they shoot an arrow and Wizards clutch their hearts (Elves win).
We sang our Seahorses song and Alex spiced up ‘She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain’ on guitar. Laura led some dove making and we massacred a feather pillow just to be authentic like (it’s now being composted by the way which feels right) and Paula told a story about a feather pillow with a small but perfectly placed message about not saying bad things about poeple! Aaah, big sigh… Thanks to all.