It was a fairly mellow one today with paper aeroplane making, flying, repairing then flying again. Somebody (we couldn’t work out who) managed to get a plane right across the room and nearly into Noah and Felix’s mum’s eye, well done and beware at the same time!

Another round of Giants, Elves and Wizards and a dance to Coming Round the Mountain, a story about how the Robin got his Red Breast and a round of Sparkling Seahorses. Circle time was brilliant with everyone listening to each other and talking in turn.

We also found out what the kids wanted to do: did some voting on activities, decided we needed to celebrate birthdays and also have a space to be able to bring in stuff to show each other so we’ll do this every few weeks with an extended circle time for everyone to bring something in to show (otherwise it’ll take over a year to do individually!).