Today was kind of chaotic! Lots of haven’t-been-outside sort of beans in the woodchips and end of term tiredness making things manic. We played sharks, put glitter on some pine cones for tree decorations (and most of the lobby carpet as well resulting in a not very happy Quaker Meeting House cleaner and lots of time spent trying to get it up first with a Bex Bissel (your grandmother had one) and then with a hoover (think one of the prototypes by the look of its age).

We’ll have a bash at rules next week – when asked how we could change things various answers came – one suggestion was to give up altogether, another to have Behaviour Monitors who punished people! The problem was that the singing bowl isn’t bringing order and without a way of getting order it’s a bit of a worry.

Sure just a temporary blip and Nige is there next week as I’ll be late.