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OK so I’ve missed a post or two but here’s a summary to date:

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  1. 9th December – the woodchips brought in something they love to show everyone and we drew pictures and sent them home to ourselves.

  2. 16th December – OUT – Tescos swings on the common, torches in the playpark and sparklers (done by adults) and then set off a fire lantern which went up and up and nearly set a tree alight (we could see the headlines now – Woodcraft Folk group sabotage tree etc etc).

  1. Tues 6th Jan – made each others faces in clay. Not messy at all…!

  2. Tues 12th Jan – Squeezed oranges with a juicer thingy and drank aplenty. Used the orange halves to fill up with bird seed and also squidged peanut butter into pine cones for birds, rolling in bird seed afterwards. Again fairly messy but nothing beats that glitter…

  3. Tues 19th Jan – we got funny plastic netting rings and used scrap ribbong from the scrapstore to weave bags, talked about basket making etc

  4. Tues 27th Jan – chinese lanterns from red shiny paper and Gabe showed everyone how to make dragons. Paula brought in a huge papier mache dragon head and some very loud dragon music and we stomped about, also some dancing and melon eating…