Woodcraft Folk is a a unique progressive educational movement for children and young people – both girls and boys – designed to develop self-confidence and activity in society, with the aim of building a world based on equality, peace, social justice and co-operation. Find out more about our involvement in the peace movement.

Through its activities, Woodcraft Folk tries to give its members an understanding of important issues such as the environment, world debt and global conflict, with a key focus in recent years being sustainable development.

Sparkling Seahorses is a Woodchips (aged 4-6 years) Woodcraft Folk group in Bristol, do email for more information.

The Woodcraft Folk Creed is:

This shall be for a bond between us
That we are of one blood you and I
That we have cried peace to all and claimed kinship with every living thing.
That we hate war sloth and greed and love fellowship
And that we shall go singing to the fashioning of a new world.